lime rikki beard balm
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lime rikki beard balm

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a wise man once said "with great beard, comes great responsibility" and here at täzo bath co, we agree so we developed these conditioning and frizz-taming beard balms.  we also know how much the ladies love to snuggle and stroke it so we also infused with essential oils to give a light masculine scent to keep 'em coming back for more....

lime rikki beard balm is a blend of all natural butters, oils, waxes and scents that will help soften, condition and style your beard.  carefully blended to calm face itch, ingrown hairs and leave a light masculine minty lime scent.  

to use:  the amount will vary based on the size and texture of the beard, but most bearded studs can work with a dime-sized amount. rub the balm between your palms to heat activate the oils and massage into your freshly washed (and slightly damp) beard right down to your skin, then comb with a wooden beard comb. it will take a few minutes for the balm to absorb so you can enjoy a softer, more kissable beard!  

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