about us

here at täzo raw essentials we believe that 'risk takers are life makers' so we followed our passion and created an all natural ecoholic* luxury skin and beard care business that produces handmade small batches of responsibly sourced & plant derived products for people who are young at heart, with a bit of a rebellious side, just like us!
developing this small business took a lot of time and energy to make, test, make, test, make, test....(well, you get the idea) because we only wanted to use quality ingredients and definitely did not want to add any fake shit.  after almost a year we finally had a product line up that we could stand behind and used ourselves on a daily basis.  Oh ya, did I mention that the only animals used for testing our products are of the human kind?
we take great pride in our branding and packaging, choosing recyclable or reusable containers and lighthearted naming conventions but take our ingredients very seriously.  we only purchase from reputable Canadian suppliers who do not test on animals.
now, about the name....if you know me, you know why....
täzo raw essentials uses only carefully selected ingredients from trusted suppliers for all of our products.  all packaging is reusable and recyclable.
* ecoholic [ee-kho-haw-lik] n. a person who is enthusiastically devoted to our planet